Fake Calligraphy

Hi friends! Before I discovered modern calligraphy (meaning, with the nib and ink), I used a LOT of fake calligraphy! I did feel a little guilty at times, because I wanted to learn calligraphy the actual way and not use any shortcuts (thank you, Scarlet & Gold!).

But for those who aren’t ready to try the real deal, then welcome to the world of fake calligraphy!

For this technique, you don’t need a nib or dipped ink. You simply need a pen or pencil and some paper (any type will do).

Begin by writing your word or phrase in regular cursive writing.

fake calligraphy

After you’re done writing, go back and in every DOWN stroke, thicken the line and color it in!

And VOILA! You have an elegant word/phrase before your eyes, using a simple technique! Yup, it’s that easy. I still would encourage to try out calligraphy at least once! It’s not that bad, but this will work just fine 🙂 I’ll be back with more tips! Happy lettering 🙂


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