Brush Lettering

Lately, I’ve been trying out brush lettering, and while it takes a lot of work before you get your desired result, it’s actually quite fun and interesting!

Brush lettering is a little different from your traditional calligraphy and such, since it makes for a whimsical, yet elegant work of art!

Below are various types of brushes that can be used in lettering.

Brush pens

For right now, I am using Sakura’s 38081 Pigma Brush, which is a good practice tool.

thicks and things

Rule of thumb when brush lettering:

You must really pay attention to those “thicks” and “thins.” “Thicks” meaning that in every down stroke, your lines must be thick. “Thins” meaning that in every upward stroke, your lines must become thin.

You have to learn and practice how to control the pressure you place on the pen whenever you’re writing a word or phrase. Once you’re able to get that under control, you are good to go!

Hope this helps a little bit on your brush lettering journey! Until next time, happy lettering 🙂


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