Calligraphy Time!

I recently took a free online calligraphy workshop, and let me just say that I instantly fell in love! Granted, it was a short (45 minutes) class, but man oh man, did I learn a ton about calligraphy!

The class was given by Scarlet & Gold, an internet-based calligraphy company that offered the free workshop on multiple times in the month of April.

The first thing you had to do was register for the class, which guarantees you a spot. After, you receive an e-mail with an attachment of the class schedule.

Now, at first, I thought you had to attend each class, learning different lessons while the days pass. However, this was not the case. There is only one (pre-recorded) class, and that one class was made available on certain days and time. That made sense, because, well, it was free!

I picked a time and day that was suitable for me, and then I waited…

Finally class day was here! Beforehand, they sent you a “supply list” with a few items that were needed and/or recommended. To be honest, I have never been this excited to receive a supply list! Anywho, the “needed” items were purchased (I bought my supplies online and had them shipped!) before class.

The class began, and the teacher (who was awesome at teaching calligraphy) immediately began describing each tool and its use. Then, we finally got to the nitty-gritty! They gave us a phrase to practice, which was “let’s write pretty.”

 We went through each letter, until we finally were able to write the whole phrase. And voila! The end result was quite stunning for my eyes! Didn’t realize that I had this in me. It took a LOT of time, patience and practice, but alas, I was completely satisfied with my results!

Will I continue practicing calligraphy? OF COURSE! After taking this class, it brought a new passion to my heart. I have a new appreciation for modern calligraphy!

Stay tuned for more hand-lettering/calligraphy tips! Until then, happy lettering đŸ™‚

P.S. Although the schedule was only meant for April, Scarlet & Gold will also be offering the class in June. Be sure to sign-up on their website to receive more updates on their free online calligraphy workshop! đŸ™‚


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