Calligraphy Time: Tools

A few weeks ago, I posted about the supplies I use for my hand lettering practice. Now, I will be writing about the tools I use for calligraphy, which I’ve been using since I took Scarlet & Gold calligraphy workshop.

Over all, I use about 5 items.

1. Nikko G Pointed Nib

Since it was my first time trying calligraphy, this nib was so smooth! Definitely worth the purchase for all you beginning calligraphers!

2. Speedball Holder

This is a standard, straight calligraphy pen holder. I wasn’t quite ready to use the oblique-angled pen, but this did the job just fine!

3. Kuretake Sumi Ink

This ink is a water-based pigment, which makes it perfect for practicing calligraphy! Sumi ink isn’t really for permanent works of art, but it’s still a great ink for beginners! Can also be used with brushes.

4. Translucent Paper

This paper was EXTREMELY helpful throughout the class! It’s basically tracing paper, but you can also use it with ink.

5. Grid paper

Using grid paper will help you so much with writing phrases & words in a neat and organized fashion! If you don’t want to write on the grid paper, yet you still want to practice the neatness factor, then place the grid paper underneath the translucent paper, and you are still able to see the lines, that way you are able to write words/phrases straight & neat 🙂

BONUS: I also bought a book called, Modern Calligraphy by: Molly Suber-Thorpe, which gives you a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your tools, work area, as well as provides the alphabet so that you are able to practice and get an idea of the various styles of letters.

Hope this helps you with your calligraphy journey! Happy lettering 🙂


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