A starting point

Hello everyone! Welcome to Adventures of Hand-Lettering. The focus of this blog is to document my journey in becoming a better hand-lettering artist.

Before I start posting pictures and such, I’ll tell you a smidge on how it all started. It began with Instagram. At first, I only saw a couple of posts of hand-lettered words or phrases. Soon after, it was all over my feed… mostly because I was following people with the talent of lettering! From the first moment I saw these beautifully created works of art, I could bare it no longer. I just felt this impulse to try it out! So I did.. And it didn’t quite meet my expectations. I gave myself a little pep talk and said, if I’m going to be better at this, then I need to invest time and in some cases, money. After watching countless how-to videos, hours of sketching/practice and enrolling in online hand-lettering courses, I finally saw improvement! (YAY!)

So here I am, about 5 months into my journey, and I know it’ll get better from here! I try to practice daily. Even if I don’t have time, I squeeze in some doodles on my papers at school or work. *DISCLAIMER: I am not, in any way, a professional, teacher, etc. in lettering or calligraphy. Just an individual who wants to pick up a new skill! šŸ™‚

Either way, I make time for this, because it is a hobby that I hope will turn into a business some day! (Slow down, Jess!) Anywho, to all you aspiring hand-letterers out there, pick up a pencil, some paper and let’s do this together!


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